How to Mix Colours in Pastel

When You Don't Have A Palette (Beginners)

Do you really have to buy lots of pastels to make sure you have all the colours you want to use ? Take this short course to learn how to mix your colours and work with what you've got.


(In the course there will be no music and talking at the same time)

Were you told you need a gazillion pastel sticks because you cannot mix colours?

You CAN mix colours and you should mix colours! 

Creating art is not ‘paint by numbers’ and so we do not need a ready-made colour for everything. 

We mix in order to create subtle shades, transitions and liveliness. 

Your own unique way of mixing will emerge and contribute to your own style.

Take this short course to learn how to layer your colours and create the most amazing shades

Busting the Myths of Pastel Painting


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What is Included

  • Feedback

    The couse includes personal feedback on your work

  • Get the Basics

    Basic colour mixing with primary colours

  • 30 mins Demo

    A painting demonstration in real time

Course curriculum

  • 1
    1. Colour Mixing in Pastel
    • Welcome!
    • Download Your Guide via button on the right
    • 1. Mixing Colours You Don’t Have
    • 2. Basic Colour Mixing with Primaries
    • 3. A Painting Demonstration
    • Print it, Frame it!
    • 4. How Did The Old Masters Do It?
  • 2
    2. Now it is Your Turn
    • 1. Now It Is Your Turn....
    • 2. Reference Photo of Green Jar
    • You Did It!
    • 4. Short Survey (2 questions)


  • Sophie Ploeg


    Sophie Ploeg

    Sophie is a Dutch-born artist, art tutor, writer and art historian, based in the UK. She finds much of her inspiration in art history, especially the Dutch and English 16th and 17th century. She tries to find a dynamic between the past and the present in her painterly depictions of lace, silk, and velvet as well as her portraiture. Her portrait work has been exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the BP Portrait Award and elsewhere. She paints in oils and pastel.